VAT Advisory Services – Tax Scope & Rate of VAT

Tax Scope & Rate of VAT

  • Standard rated : By default all supply of goods and services and imports in the UAE (and the GCC) will be considered as subject to Vat @ 5% known as standard rated supplies.
  • Zero Rated :
    • Exports of goods and services to outside the GCC;
    • International transportation, and related supplies;
    • Supplies of certain sea, air and land means of transportation (such as aircrafts and ships);
    • Certain investment grade precious metals (e.g. gold, silver, of 99% purity);
    • Newly constructed residential properties, that are supplied for the first time within 3 years of their construction ;
    • Supply of certain education services, and supply of relevant goods and services;
    • Supply of certain Healthcare services, and supply of relevant goods and services.
  • Exempt Supplies : Financial Services (Fee based services taxable and Margin based services Exempt), Residential properties, Bare land andLocal passenger transport.

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